Sunday, September 8, 2019

Situational reactions Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Situational reactions - Coursework Example Since they are human, I am confident; they would have listened to us (Barker, 2006).   In scenario B, it is a case of marijuana which is an illegal drug. As police officers, we should always be in the front line to fight it at whatever cost. As an officer, I would choose to ignore my colleague’s request. To make him convince I would make a request that we visit a drug expert who would make him understand the side effects that are associated with marijuana’s consumption. I am confident he would understand after getting an explanation that marijuana affects individuals in a different manner from the other. By this, it is clear that his wife may face more adverse effects than other individuals who consume it. It is, therefore, unwise to risk on the probability basis (Barker, 2006).   Alternatively, I would request him to take his wife to a practitioner to advise him on the best medication for her ailment. If the practitioner recommends marijuana of which I doubt he would do, I will be ready to breach the law to make sure that she is helped irrespective of whether it is against the law. However, if the practitioner makes another recommendation, he had to adhere to practitioner’s recommendation. The situation also had another perspective in that we might find ourselves in the other side of the law if the criminal is charged and we are requested to provide the exhibit. If the perpetrator is not set free, we will consequently find ourselves on the other side of the law since we took marijuana and used it instead (Barker, 2006).   In this scenario, as a parent it is not fair to both the school and the child to assist the child in his assignment. On the other hand, if my child would fail he would miss a scholarship opportunity which would be beneficial to both me as a parent and the child. This fact would make me assist the child no matter how unfair it is. However, this would not be

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