Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Dont Mess with Nature :: science

Don't Mess with Nature Of all the things a student needs to make it through a typical day, probably the most important, yet least appreciated, is paper. Paper is used for academic, social, and personal purposes by nearly all students every day. The most obvious use is for the academic or classroom assignment, whether it comes in the form of a test, an essay, or a summary of plant life on Easter Island. The social uses of paper center around the "note," which any student can tell you is s important a part of a student’s social life as Friday night ball games or the Junior Prom. As for the personal applications, there is doodling for the nervous mind, and there is scrunching for the nervous hand. The traditional paper airplanes and spit wads are still around, but they seem less popular than in days gone by-probably because it is easier for a student to move freely about the classroom today than it used to be. In any case, there can be no doubt that paper is just as important as ever to the student whose days would be a waste without it. Not only students, but everyone needs paper. Just as students use the paper, so does everyone else. The social purpose surrounds the mail, which we receive everyday. For personal use, there’s the diary and the note pads to remind us the things we need to remember. There are many examples that I can give for instance, paper plates, paper bags, cardboard boxes, etc†¦ Anyhow, the point that I am deriving at is that paper and cardboard boxes are all made from trees. Millions of trees are being destroyed every year to produce paper. Not only for paper, but for housing projects as well. New programs are being set up to plant trees in replace of the destroyed ones. Little do people realize how much damage could be done when dealing with nature. These housing projects are built, where beautiful trees use to sit letting cool breeze pass through their leaves. Now, the Recycling foundation has set up a program for young kids to plant trees in their neighborhood to save "Mother Earth." These trees are being planted at almost every street corner. The kids don’t know what’s likely to happen. They think they are doing good for their community. Now, trees as thick as fifteen baseballs put together, creep up underneath the sidewalk all over town.

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