Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Business and Organizational behavior Movie Review

Business and Organizational behavior - Movie Review Example According to the illustration, the management of the Bhopal was to blame for the disaster because of negligence on crucial operations, and the management of the company. The management allowed the storage of the MIC in large tanks that were not recommended, and as if this was not enough, they were filled beyond the recommended levels. This increased the temperature of the gas which, caused leakage. There is also negligence on the earlier warnings of the gas leakage in the factory, which the management ignored to rectify such as a leak on January 1982 that exposed 24 workers to danger, and landed the hospitals. Though the Local Indian Authority warned the company earlier, the management ignored this and failed rectify the problem by the Union CIC. As the movie illustrates the management had switched off several safety systems so that they could reduce operational costs. For example, the MIC tank refrigeration system, which could have reduced the severity of the leakage, was off at the time of the occurrence of a disaster, there was no catastrophe plans put in place by the management in case of any disaster, and finally, the use of undersized safety devices by the factory, also contributed to the disaster. No, the same safety features were not installed or working as those in the United States. In the Bhopal plant, there were looser safety rules compared to those in US. There was no night shift supervisor in the Bhopal plant and the readings were taken after two hours compared to those in US where there must be a night shift supervisor and the readings have to be taken after every one hour as required. In the United States, there is a four stage system compared to the one manual backup system used by the Bhopal plant. The safety audits are done every year in US, but in the Bhopal plant, after two years. I think the Union Carbanide may have different safety features at different plants around the world because of the plants performance. For

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