Friday, September 20, 2019

A Book Review on Northern Lights :: English Literature

A Book Review on Northern Lights Northern Lights is an adventure and a fantasy story written by Phillip Pullman in the third person. The story takes place in Jordan College, which is in Oxford. The Master rules Jordan College and the other place is in the North. In the North, armoured bears rule the ice and witches fly in the skies. These places are in another world than that we live in. In this world, people have daemons, a sort of pet, which is attached to them by an invisible force. Daemons can also change into different animals. Lyra is a young girl who goes on an adventure with some gypsies, to try and stop some people called Gobblers from kidnapping children to see what happens to the child if their daemons are cut away. The Gobbler who started this criminal action was Mrs Coulter, whose daemon is a golden monkey. First of all, Lyra was going to go to the North with her Uncle, Sir Asriel, when she just saves him from poison. When they are debating about it, one of the people there is Mrs Coulter who asks for the child and is given her. Just before Lyra leaves, she is given an alethiometer, which is like a compass, but you can ask it questions by matching up symbols and then the needle swings round and points to a symbol as a reply. When Lyra finds out who she is at a party, she runs away to find some gypsies who agree to take her with them to the North. The leader is called John Faa. Unfortunately, Lyra is kidnapped by the workers of Mrs Coulter and is taken to their hospital where they perform the slicing, but Lyra finds a plan to escape from there, just before it is too late. Before she rescues the other children and escapes, she sets all the daemons free from their glass jars. The gypsies send the children home and Lyra walks off into the sunset as the book ends. The three main characters featured in Northern Lights are Lyra, her daemon Pantalaimon, and Mrs Coulter. Lyra was brought up in Oxford at Jordan University, where she spent most of her time causing mischief with a boy called Roger. She is a very determined girl who is prepared to risk her life for what she thinks is right. She never gives up, always ready to go. Lyra never complains about anything, she just goes along with everyone else. She is also very caring and secretive. She is a tomboy, who does not mind getting dirty. She is also very nosy and inquisitive, because she goes

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