Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Use an example of your choice to discuss how corporate restructuring Essay - 2

Use an example of your choice to discuss how corporate restructuring transformed market, productive and financial performance - Essay Example An organization may face challenges such as funds and shrinking market share. These influences may force its management team to institute a change of ownership, in order to overcome issues like bankruptcy or buyouts (Gilson, 2010). Restructuring in organizations make organizations efficient and better organised. Such organizations have a better financial plan and revised strategic plans (Riany et. al., 2012). Industrial players to enhance better shareholder wealth, and improve the performance and welfare of employees have adapted such initiatives. Apple Inc is a multinational corporation, which develops designs and sells personal computers, software and other electronic devices. The company famous for its Mac chain of computers, which includes iphone Smart phones and ipad tablets. The company under the leadership of Steve Jobs has undergone several transformations. Some of these transformations involve a change in products to marketing campaigns. There are several reasons for companies to institute restructuring strategies. Organizations have to change regularly their contractual relationship with shareholders, employees and other stakeholders. These factors make it necessary for such organization to have a constant change in their restructuring strategy (Gareth and Charles, 2010). These industrial players have a stake in organizations legal, financial, operational and ownership. Therefore, organizations have to restructure their strategies to meet their demands. Such strategies of restructuring include organizational, portfolio and financial restructuring (Samaras, 2004). However, one needs to understand that restructuring is an ongoing process for organizations. Corporate restructuring assists organizations improve on their performance, operation or profitability. For Apple Inc, restructuring became evident with competition and growing cost of production. In the year 1990s, the company’s market

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