Friday, October 4, 2019

Film Westworld Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Film Westworld - Essay Example One of the most striking characters is the android called as the Gunslinger (Yul Brynner) who portrays a robotic Old West sheriff that kills humans. As Benjamin dies with the bite of the android snake, Brolin faces the out of controlled Gunslinger. Benjamin is lucky since the gun slinging android shuts down at the end as some of its circuit splits. It is remarkable that with the heights of the technology human has; he might have the idea of bringing real life interaction between humans and machine. This is very evident in the movie the West World (1973). We can see that technological enhancement really works to pursue better living and at the same time for recreation sake. The highlight is that technology is really promising in different aspects of life. Many inventions and discoveries of man produced positive impact, however it does not give the guarantee that technology itself will be without flaw. Part of the expectation with respect to technology is that it has the possibility to be out of control. This is what exactly happened to the movie West World. As the operators of the resort admires their wonderful work about robots providing services to human, they were just shocked seeing that everything is turning into a catastrophe. That is putting too much faith in the technology, without realizing that the same things people enjoyed out of it could be in the future the same things that put one’s life in a danger. Interaction between human and machines is an extremely exciting idea, but the film West World suggest how men can be drunk with the heights of human technology to do something that will totally violate his human morale. You can just imagine how the place suggest that anyone who chooses to stay in that place for a vacation might have experience the fantasy of their own as having sex and killings. Technology in some means is good, however the movie West World created a role playing world wherein people can do whatever they want (killings

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