Sunday, November 3, 2019

Asian American Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Asian American - Essay Example Everything is available for everybody and there are no limits for personal freedom. In reality, it is â€Å"communism for rich and democracy for poor† (Notes). Moreover, it should be noted that in case racial bias did not exist in American context, there would be no questions, like what role Asian Americans play in the country or what the country does for these people. Therefore, it is obvious that even in the modern context and in the process of a democratization, there are worn out stereotypes of race. Western and Eastern societies have many differences between them. Cultural, religious and social norms have different meanings in the countries of these two continents. On the one hand, Asian Americans come across numerous challenges; they have to adjust to cultural traditions and religious beliefs of Americans, but on the other hand they should preserve their own national identities. Individual freedom propagated as the main value of American society contradicts to the main v alue of Asian Americans, such as respect to elders, family and community and not an individual. America takes care about its immigrants, and there are communities preserving national traditions of Asian Americans. ‘A sense of community’ is highly protected in America Asian Americans have contributed much to the development of the history of the country. Asian American live in compliance with the beliefs of their previous generations: in order to reach material possessions, there is a need to work hard. That is why America gains profits from this hardworking ethnical population of the country. These people have their distinct culture and they managed not to lose it in the democratic America. This country is not a prison for them; it is a geographical location for their ethnicity. Asian Americans unite a wide variety of nationalities. These are people from the Ural Mountains, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and many other ethnic groups from the Indian

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